Closing In (Original Single) By Sumi

Sumi, a singer-songwriter from Tokyo, has a knack for expressing her talent genuinely. With insanely excellent lyrics and stunning vocals, the artist will mesmerize you and make you want to hear more of her work. And now with her debut single “Closing In” she’s ready to put her name on the map.

Singing about her personal experiences as a musician while weathering the pressures of life and describing the pressures society places on artists. It deals with a great deal of strain and focuses on how she feels overwhelmed in the profession; we could only imagine the level of stress she had to cope with. It must be tremendously difficult to be an Asian artist in this industry.

The project’s work is extremely beautiful and full of r&b and electronic components. The strong melody and delicate vocals, along with the powerfully deep and distorted instrumentals, will definitely have you up and dancing. The chorus, for example, when solely the melodies and pads take over the song, is one of the song’s many shining moments. It’s quite catchy and truly gives the song an uplifting feeling that makes us entirely entangled in the awesomeness done in the production.

For being her debut song, Sumi truly shines bright and demonstrates what a powerful performer she is. The song overall has tremendous production work done on it, and the vocals are magnificent.

Sumi has previously demonstrated that she’s an artist who shouldn’t be taken lightly. The singer has worked on writing and producing projects with a number of big people and producers; some of these works have appeared on well-known television shows like Teen Titans Go, Naked and Afraid, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has also played the piano at “An Evening of Wicked Fun: Honoring Stephen Schwartz” and recorded for the G’Day USA production “Honoring Liam Hemsworth and Helen Reddy.” She also played in several bands.

Sumi’s debut is joyful and charming with flawless r&b and electronic sound with honest and profound lyrics that anybody would fall for, so it’s no wonder that she’s capturing our hearts. We are excited to follow Sumi on her adventure and can already see how huge she will become in the future. Make sure to follow her on social media to remain updated and listen to the song on Spotify as she has plenty of new songs in store for us.


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