Lie Just To Lie (Original Single) By Silja Rós

This is once Icelandic talent the world needs to hear about, rising artist Silja Rós is a marvelous singer and songwriter with skills and abilities that need to be recognized and revered. Silja’s voice is angelic reaching deep into your heart and soul as you enjoy its delightful tone take you on a mindful journey.

Silja Rós has blessed the world with her most recent release “Lie Just To Lie” (Original Single), a pop and RnB track that’s simply to die for. The single is brilliant with mesmerizing luscious and sultry vocals by the talented Silja, not to mention the meaningful and relatable lyrics about toxic relationships where lying to yourself and masking your partners red flags is easier than the heartbreaking truth, the single was masterfully written by Silja Rós and her co writer René Andreas.

Iconic, that’s how we can describe Silja Rós’s newest single “Lie Just To Lie”, when the world gives you such a magnificent single you just must listen to it, and lay in the luxurious afterglow it provides. Accompanied with a mysterious and seductive video clip that’s professionally made by filmmakerTayler McWhorter, the single binds with the video clip making for a full on experience when watching, helping you fill in the gaps and seeing Silja’s perspective.

Silja Rós is one up and coming artist you must know about, she’s surely reaching the top charts and it seems to be soon, because her skill and talent is unprecedented. And don’t forget to like and follow all her social media pages to always stay up to date on all her latest news and releases, because we’re sure you won’t want to miss a minute of Silja.

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