Life In This Haunted House (Original Single) By Moraine

Moraine have started their music journey with a bang, this alternative hardcore rock band is everything you need and more, their debut original single “Life In This Haunted House” is a powerful and stunning alternative rock and post hardcore single that’ll have your mind spinning in its wonderous sound.

“Life In This Haunted House” is the first release of many for Moraine as their planning on releasing their debut album soon. Moraine is one legendary band with Jason Brohm being the vocalist and Guitarist, Tanner Spaulding on the Guitar, Drew Wagner playing the Bass and Vocals, and last but not least Chance Brunner being on the Drums. This quartet have chemistry like no other, playing together as if that’s what they we’re born to do synergizing in the most magnificent of ways.

This single is meaningful and hard hitting, “Life In This Haunted House” is about Jason Brohm’s recent experiences with his grandmother who took him in at a very young age, they have lived together in the same house till Jason moved out when he reached adulthood, his grandmother remained living in that house till she became ill with dementia and had to move to an assisted living facility. Jason says: “ ‘Life In This Haunted House’ is about going back to the house I grew up in and it being completely silent with no life in it, and the eerie feeling that accompanies such an experience.”

“Life In This Haunted House” is a deep and meaningful track many people can relate to and resonate with as a lot of us have had similar experiences in our lives. Jason Brohm is one brave man for being able to talk his truth and express his feelings, Moraine is truly helping and aiding the people with similar life experiences through their music.

You must check out Moraine, you will not regret it. This up and coming band is definitely worth the hype, so go and follow all their social media pages to always remain up to date on all their latest news and releases.

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