Life is a Loan Shark / Hundred Bullets By High Heavens

The revered band from Austin, Texas. The talented High Heavens, have just released their latest single and the world just went nuts! “Life is a Loan Shark” is their latest original that beautifully captures the essence of Rock ‘n’Roll and squeezes it into our hearts, giving us a taste of that unquenchable thirst the great days of the70s rock era has left in our mouths.

The band went head over heels compiling the best into making “Life Is a Loan Shark”, featuring the duo Ernest Salaz and John Matthew Walker, with Geroge Lara and Juan Ramos from the 90s punk band Glorium, Conrad Keely from “You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead” perfecting the sax and synths, and Jeremy Erwin contributing the keyboards. The teamwork of so many talents flawlessly synergizing together is exactly what makes this piece perfect.

The band has been around since 1996, expanding and contracting, producing and perfecting music all around the country, but “Life is a Loan Shark” is one of their greatest singles to date. Foretelling the beautiful life lesson of accepting what life gives you and managing expectations, the single beautifully incorporates this into their work. “Your search for gold might bring silver,” so enjoy life to the fullest no matter what it brings you. The song memorably incorporates pop with subtle rock instruments to create unique tunes that resonate in your head. The result of skill and talent combined with years of experience in the field has beautifully created a tune that will live on forever. The single’s instrumental tunes, delivered by Jeremy Erwin behind the keyboard, were inspired by Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks and Ritchie Valens’ 50s-era. This might have been exactly what gave it that authentic nostalgic vibe that’ll captivate everyone that experiences it.

The band’s already working on perfecting their band members as they’re auditioning for the final spots before they play shows all around Texas starting in November 2022. So check out their music and be sure to hop onto their social media platforms to see if they’ll be playing somewhere close to you so you can catch them.

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