9 O’CLOCK NASTY – By All Means Necessary

The hidden gems of garage rock that have finally had their time to shine, 9 O’Clock Nasty are by far the greatest to ever write and perform in this genre of music, so you better be ready for what they’re offering. Set to break all their previous records, this latest album release by these legends features 17 unique tracks of chaotic madness that beautifully capture the essence of what this band is all about. Tune in as we take you down the road with one of the greatest up and coming bands of 2022 that’ll blow your mind away.

Coming to light in early 2021, the trio behind the band has everything that it takes to become a global sensation. With Pete B-Rock doing his magic on the guitar, Sydd Spudd going mad on the drums, and the legendary Ted Pepper setting the rhythm with his bass, we can only imagine how far these guys will be pushing their reach and growing their career. Featuring a cherry on top, Pete and Ted flawlessly synergized their lyrical performance by harmonizing their vocals together to create a catchy ambiance that echoes through your mind like nothing else!

Launching less than a week ago, “By All Means Necessary” has already amassed unimaginable success for the band as it has effortlessly connected with their audience with its well-written lyrics and catchy tunes. The album features 17 perfect tracks that have been tailor-made for your entertainment and have taken an unimaginable amount of time to perfect all of the minor details that make it stand out from the endless sea of new songs being released by countless artists. This album is best experienced through their playlist on YouTube, so be sure to dedicate 30 minutes of free time to have your breath taken away from you!

Already touring around the UK with plans to expand to Europe, the band’s proven to be an unstoppable force within the industry. All that’s left is to support them in their career as they’re worth all the love for the entertainment that they’ve blessed us with.

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