Love is in the Air (Original Single) By Rachel Davie Lee

The greatest artists are often those backed by dedication, talent, skill, and culture, which is exactly what this incredible rising talent has. Rachel Davie Lee is one player in the industry that you need to keep an eye out for as she’s coming in hard and she’s coming in quick. With her experience in music spanning over 10 years, her art is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Hold on tight as the records shatter with her latest iconic song from her latest EP, “Love Is in the Air”.

Rachel’s career has been iconic because it has undergone a lot of changes and alterations to become as successful as we know her. Having taken piano and violin lessons since she was a child, she’s built her musical skills on the foundation set by these lessons. Fast forward a couple of years she studied classical singing at St Andrews where she continued to develop her technique over the years, eventually infusing it with contemporary style. Molded by her father’s Guyanese culture and her mother’s Scottish heritage, her music is a mixture of both worlds that’ll blow your mind away!

Today, she’s out in the world setting her roots in the industry as she makes a name for herself and she’s definitely not disappointing! Unique through her art, she’s unlimited by a specific genre and the world has already recognized her for it through getting Artist of the Month by Prospect Radio last year for her EP and not to forget getting awarded the Modern Soulful Music Award that she won in 2022 for her single “Love is in the Air”. It has had a huge impact on her fans as it creates a memorable ambiance of musical melodies and tunes. Set to mark her biggest release to date, she’s already made plans to release a dedicated music video for the single. Be sure to tune in for its release!

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