Rain Again (Original Single) By Mark Millar

A peaceful tranquil single that’ll help you calm down relax and embrace life, Rain Again (Original Single) by Mark Millar is a nostalgic acoustic rock single with a deep emotions that come from the heart.

“Rain Again” (Original Single) is one single that’ll touch your soul and have you enamored with its glorious tone. Mark Millar is one extraordinary artist being the singer and songwriter for this track. Mark has husky and calm vocals that cool the nerves and give a light and serene vibe. The lyrics of this single are relatable able to merge and twist in the ways that the listener perceives them, something not many song writers are able to achieve.

Mark Millar is back and better than ever after the covid 19 pandemic, with the end of that horrendous and frightening era, Mark Millar was able to complete most of his unfinished work releasing his first solo album, ‘On the Journey’, and his second album, ‘Take Me to the River’ was released at the end of 2020 that has even gained over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify alone.

Mark Millar is one artist that has it all, skilled, talented, and amazing, he’s one artist you can’t miss out on. So check out Mark Millar as all his releases are magical, not to mention his latest single “The Great Adventure” released on October 28th. So check out his music and don’t forget to like and follow all his social media pages to always remain up to date on all his latest news and releases.

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