Sertraline (Original EP) By Big in Borneo

Big in Borneo aka Michael Pybus has finally and thankfully came out of his battle with anxiety and blessed us with a magical electronic down-tempo Ep that’ll blow you away. Sertraline (Original EP) is a full 3 track Ep by Big in Borneo that will most certainly drive you wild with how addictive it is.

Big in Borneo has had a large and impactful musical background in his youth which lead him to being so skilled and masterful of his craft today, with him having started music in his school days when he used to play the drums and alto sax. But 4 years ago Big in Borneo discovered the joy of producing music electronically and he hasn’t turned back since, maybe one day he will pick up his sax again but for now he’s perfectly content and happy with his samples, MIDI keys and pads.

Sertraline (Original EP) isn’t just music its a pure journey on its own, with the beats and melodies echoing and creating images and fields between the walls of your mind.

Each single in this magnificent and well crafted Ep has a different heartfelt meaning where Big in Borneo tells us the first single in the EP “Your Kiss” is about temptation the good and the bad, the second single in the Ep “How it Feels” being about kids in Belfast, back in 1967, talking about their feelings, at a time where it wasn’t encouraged as much as it should be, and the third and final single that’s also the title track is “Sertraline” its the first single Big in Borneo made when the drug started working.

Sertraline (Original EP) is a wonderous feel good Ep that will take you on a well needed mind and soul journey. You must check out Big in Borneo and all of his musical releases, trust us you won’t regret it. And don’t forget to like and follow all his social media pages to always remain up to date on all of Big in Borneo’s latest news and releases. Share his music and spread the love, help him reach the top as he truly deserves it.

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