This Moment (Original Single)By Mick J. Clark

This is one single all lovers should share with each other as it shows love, care, and affection in a very passionate way. And that single is “This Moment” (Original Single) by the skilled and masterful Mick J. Clark.

“This Moment” (Original Single) is a romantic commercial pop duet about saying goodbye to your lover, and the single ends with the words ‘I loved you so’! to accentuate on the feeling and emotions between them, making for a delightful ending to the song that just makes you feel loved and cared for.

Mick J. Clark is one musician with a cause, hoping to make the world a better place using his music. Focusing on global and important topics such Self Harming, Suicide, FGM, Bullying, Losing Control and Global Warming. Mick J. Clark is one artist that is going to leave the world a better place then he found it, and he is already doing so as Croydon Education have put both of his songs into all the Schools in Croydon, Surrey. ‘You Don’t Look Cool By Teenagers’ (Brit School), and his empowering song: ‘Me My Body And I’ into all the schools in Croydon, Surrey.

All artists and musicians should strive to benefit the world as Mick J. Clark is, instead many artists talk about drugs, sex, and abuse even promoting it. We applaud and revere Mick J. Clark and revere him the amazing artist and human being he is.

We’re sure that you will thoroughly enjoy and get addicted to Mick J. Clark’s music, but don’t take our word for it, take the placements he’s had such as the iTunes singles Chart six times and the iTunes Album Chart once, he even made it into the official 64th Grammy Nominations with his album, ‘Causes’ and his single, ‘A Song Has Gotta Swing Like Sinatra’.

With more than a million streams on Spotify and multiple notable nominations and placements, we’re sure Mick J. Clark will become a global sensation. So check him out and share his music because we’re absolutely certain you will fall in love.

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2 responses to “This Moment (Original Single)By Mick J. Clark”

  1. Wowsville !
    Thank you so much for those kind words,.
    On behalf of ‘kids’, this is my Thesis on ‘adults’.
    When it comes to ‘adults’, everyone is what what everyone is and everyone does what everyone does, but ‘adults’ should all realise they all bare a responsibility because children are looking up to ‘adults’ , and the planet is at the mercy of ‘adults’, !!!
    I am a really ‘funny guy, (well I think so :-), always joking, but some things in life have got to be stopped, greed and cruelty would be a good place to start, but no ‘adults’ are doing it, and that ain’t ‘funny’.
    Many Thanks,

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