Talking Loud (Original Video) By Ajay Mathur

We’re sure you haven’t listened to such a nostalgic and memorable single in a long while. Indian born Ajay Mathur has released a blast into the past with his original single “Talking Loud” an indie rock pop single that’s fully completed by Ajay from vocals to lyrics.

Ajay Mathur is one talented artist who’s mastered his craft, not only is “Talking Loud” his latest single but its also part of the magnificent full track original album “Talking Loud” composed of 15 mind blowing and ground shattering singles that will brighten the mood in any situation.

The Swiss by choice with Indian roots, Ajay Mathur is one extraordinary artist that has exuberant music taste making music like no other, his music will give you a sense of home with its positive and uplifting nature something only few artists can accomplish with their music.

Not to forget to mention “Talking Loud” has a music video that will definitely brighten your mood with how lighthearted creative and nostalgic it feels, with Ajay’s laid back facial expressions where he gives it his all and the beautiful animated background it just fits his whole vibe and aesthetic in a magnificent way.

This year has been momentous for Ajay as we’re proud to announce that he has released his first official original children’s book “Koko and the little boat”, inspired by his own songs! Not only that but he also released limited collectors edition vinyl’s of his remastered “Talking Loud”.

Support and share Ajay Mathur’s music with everyone you know, Ajay Mathur is truly one artist that needs to be at the top of the charts, show him all the love so he keeps gifting the world his brilliant and extraordinary music.

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