Geoff’s Ghost (Original Single) By Scot Free Sessions

It’s only their second original release to date, but you can already tell that they’re going to go far with their impeccable skill and vibe, Scot Free Sessions is one band that has all it takes and more to reach global stardom.

Scot Free Sessions have released their second original single to date “Geoff’s Ghost” a unique alternative country Americana single that tells a story. The single has magical lyrics that lead you to visualize the story of a son, a mother, and a suitcase that plays out like a mini-movie. And for that we can thank the talented Scot Robinson, who wrote the lyrics for this single and who also won the 2021 International Songwriting Competition in the lyric Category.

Each member of Scot Free Sessions had a marvelous role to play in the creation of this magical single with Bobby Cameron (Long John Baldry) center stage on guitar and vocals, Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan) the powerful beast on the drums, James LoMenzo (John Fogerty, Slash) the special guest on the bass, and three time Grammy winner Joel Guzman (Paul Simon, Joe Ely) on the accordion.

Scot Free Sessions is one band that truly has it all, their music is brilliant with mind altering lyrics, melodies and vocals that’ll get stuck in your head, and a rhythm that you will get addicted to. The good news is that “Geoff’s Ghost” is going to be the second single on their debut album, you heard it right Scot Free Sessions are going to release their debut album “Edmonton Skyline” soon, so hold on tight as we’re sure it will be nothing short of phenomenal.

You must check out Scot Free Sessions latest original single “Geoff’s Ghost”, you will be blown away. And don’t forget to like and follow all their social media pages to always be up to date on their latest news and releases, we’re sure you won’t want to miss the release of “Edmonton Skyline”. Show them all the love and support so Scot Free Sessions keeps blessing us with their unique and revolutionary music.

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