Here We Go! (Original Single) By The Wavos

This is one band you need to hear and know about, The Wavos formed in 2009 and since then the world has changed, with their joyous and unprecedented musical style and taste, they are one band you need to give a listen to.

The Wavos have released their latest single to date a 3 minute song filled with energy and dopamine that’ll have you bouncing, singing , and dancing with joy. “Here We Go! ” (Original Single) is an electronic rock mixed in with new wave and a pinch of the 80’s interlaced with it, a combination like no other, it hits every spot in your mind for great sensory overload.

The Wavos are a musical trio scattered across the USA with 2 of the members living in New York and one living in South Carolina, instead of falling victim to distance they did something like no other and made their single “Here We Go! ” fully online, and even do their rehearsals online!! Doing their shows and live performances in the middle in Northern Virginia and D.C.

The band is composed of Joe Bace on the guitar, bass, and vocals, as well as Gordon Smith on the synth, bass, and vocals, and last but not least Tone Maul who plays the human electronic drums. All three of them are what make The Wavos so unique and addictive, their synergy and harmony is just one of a kind even otherworldly.

When it comes to The Wavos they’re one band like no other, their harmony, skill, and eccentric nature makes you fall in love with them. Show them all the love and support, share their music and spread it around so everyone can enjoy The Wavos’s brilliant music.

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